The Year it All Ended


Young Adult Historical Fiction


On Tiney Flynn’s seventeenth birthday, every church bell tolled, as if heralding a new year, a new era. Tiney stood in the garden, purple jacaranda petals fluttering down around her. One by one, her sisters came outside to join her; first Nette, then Minna and lastly Thea. It was 11 November, 1918, Armistice Day.

For Tiney and her sisters everything is about to change, but not in the way they might have imagined. Building peace is complicated; so is growing up. From tragedy to undreamt-of joy, from weddings to séances, from masked balls to riots in the streets, Tiney’s world will be transformed.

At the end of the war and the dawn of the Jazz Age, Tiney Flynn must face her greatest fears and begin a journey that will change her destiny.



  • CBCA Notable Book 2015

Reviews of The Year it All Ended

  • The Year It All Ended is a fantastic piece of YA historical fiction set in Australia after the conclusion of WWI… I loved this book for its honesty in portraying what life must have been like for many Australians affected by the war, with an enthralling plot and well-developed characters.
    Eugenia - Genie In a Book
  • Written in sensitive prose, The Year it all Ended is an emotionally moving account of an Australia poised precariously on the edge of social change.
    Tanya Grech Welden
  • Kirsty Murray has captured the essence of life in Australia at the beginning of the 20th century …The writing in this book is really lovely – it is refreshing to read something so authentically true to the period in which it is set – and the stories of each member of the Flynn family are genuine and honest, gentle and almost quaint in their telling. This is a fascinating time in Australia’s history and I think Murray has done a wonderful job in weaving the story with great historical accuracy.
    The Kids’ Bookshop
  • Award-winning author Kirsty Murray has taken on the heroic task of bringing history to life by successfully condensing into one book what was surely material for three! Highly recommended for ages 14 and up.
    Athina Clarke - Reading Books
  • A wonderfully astute look at the changing fortunes of young women at the end of the war, a time of change for them as well as society as a whole. Murray has skilfully incorporated historical detail into the story, making this a luminous addition to the genre of historical fiction.
    Fran Knight - Read Plus
  • I loved this book for its emotional intensity, for the strong, believable characters and for its accurate portrayal of a period in history so often forgotten.
    Maureen McCarthy

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