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  • A twilight chat for members of PETAA

    Wed 12 Sep, 2018

    This Thursday! Looking forward to chatting with Davina Bell and Paul Jennings.

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  • On the trail of Jessie Traill

    Thu 3 May, 2018

    Jessie Traill influenced the creation of two of my novels; The Year it All Ended and The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie.  Check out my blogpost about Jessie and the trail of her letters, postcards and paintings that are held in Australian libraries and galleries.

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  • The Big Impact of Little Things

    Wed 18 Apr, 2018

    I’ve been on a binge of reading new information books for kids. Check out my review of The Little Things that Run the City on my blog. It’s a gorgeous book about all the little creatures that give life in Melbourne zing.

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