Puddle Hunters


Picture Books


When the rain stops it’s time to go puddle hunting. Ruby and Banjo go up the street, through the park, over the bridge and down to the river flats where the puddles lie waiting …

Splosh it, Ruby! Splosh it, Banjo!

A glorious celebration of splashing and squelching.


Teachers’ Notes for this book can be found at: http://childrensbooksdaily.com/review-teachers-notes-the-puddle-hunters/

Reviews of Puddle Hunters

  • Sometimes a book comes along that just captures the joy of childhood between it’s pages…‘Puddle Hunters’ is one of them.
    Megan Daley, Children's Books Daily
  • Puddles Hunters is pure joy in book form. Kids aged two to eight will love it.
    Shaye Wardrop - Kids' Book Review
  • Puddle Hunters is a charmingly muddy celebration of childhood, of nature, and of family. It deserves a place in your collection, wherever that may be.
    Liz Patterson - Reading Time
  • This engrossing story will be fun to read aloud and act out. Its repetition will engage, its movement both in the story and in the illustrations on each page will delight all the readers, young and old.
    Fran Knight - Read Plus
  • I cannot quite put into words the level of joy I felt when I opened this book for the first time. I felt warm inside, I smiled a huge smile and I knew instantly that I wanted to share Puddle Hunters with children.
    Alison - Little Big Reads
  • The dialogue between Ruby and Banjo underscores their age difference, and with words like ‘tingle’, ‘froth’, ‘guck’ and ‘splosh’, this would be a wonderful read-aloud. For ages 1 and up.
    Leanne Hall - Readings Books