Feedback on your sessions has been outstanding.  There is no doubt that teachers and students gained a great deal from their participation at your sessions.  Indeed, you have given everyone a positive tonic at a difficult time of the year.

Charles Morgan
eLearning Design
School Education Division


Kirsty is a vivacious and engaging speaker who is passionate about literature. Her writing workshops are filled with thought-provoking exercises which enrich that special sense of achievement felt by participants. Kirsty has the ability to moderate her presentations and workshops effectively so as to match the age and interest of her audience. Both students and educators come away from her sessions refreshed and re-engaged with the process of both reading and writing. At the end of her presentation though it is essential to be prepared: everyone wants to read her books!

Bev Novak
Head of Library
Ron Castan Resource Centre
The King David School


It was my great pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to sit in on your workshop with the students at Casa Luna. In my humble opinion, that group of students had the best presenter in the festival! I’ve been privileged to witness a number of workshops this year and none compared.

Sherry Bronson
Coaching and Workshops
Writing for Self Discovery


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