Help with homework

You can find all the information you need to do your school assignments on this website or between the covers of the book you are studying. You can also find interesting images and information on my Pinterest boards.

If you are writing an author biography

You will find all the information you need for an author biography on the ABOUT page and the FAQ page. You can also find biographical information on Wikipedia and other places on the Internet. You can find pictures on Google images and on Pinterest.

Tips to help you write a book report or do a project on one of my books

Check out the book page and the Pinterest board for the book you’re studying.

Nearly all my books have an author note inside them at the end of the book that will give you extra information about what inspired me to write that particular story. There is also a list of acknowledgements in each book that tells you about all the people who helped me research it.

If you need to know which year a certain book was written, or want to figure out how old I was when I wrote it, look at the imprint page. There is an imprint page inside every one of my books. You will find it on the reverse side of the title page. It has lots of information about the book in very tiny print. Look for my name and the © symbol to find out what year the book was first published.

You can find answers to questions about how and why I write on the FAQ page.

If you go to my blog and check the tags you will find blog posts about each of my books that will give you more information. You can also find out about what I’m working on and what I’m doing next by reading my blog.

Characters, themes and plots

Readers are important. The way you interpret the story is unique. Most of the questions your teachers ask you about the characters, themes and the plot of a story can only be answered by you, the reader.

Sometimes I meet readers who have understood things about my characters or see ideas in the layers of the book that I hadn’t seen when I wrote the story. Trust your instincts. Have faith in your opinions.

Covers and blurbs

Authors don’t usually have a lot of say in how a book looks. Their job is to write the story. Sometimes I choose the boy or girl who is on the cover of my books or make suggestions about how I would like the book to look but the publisher and the designer come up with the final cover.

Big publishing companies employ lots of people who help books reach their readers. Although I check every part of my books before they go to the printer, I don’t usually write the blurb or the advertising material that goes with it.


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