Exploring Asia

KirstyParikrma6Stories are how humans connect to each other. Without stories it’s difficult to imaginatively enter someone else’s culture. One of the most exciting things that has happened to me as a reader and a writer is realizing how many fantastic stories there are in the world. I love to ‘read the world’ and in the last ten years I have grown more interested in reading and writing about different parts of Asia.

In 2007 I spent several months based in Chennai, India where I was an Asialink writer-in-residence at the University of Madras. I have also developed an ongoing relationship with the University of Himachal Pradesh where I was a writer-in-residence for three weeks in December 2012. I have travelled all over India, writing, researching and talking to people about books and writing.


I’ve also visited China and Indonesia many times and hope to get to know more about other countries in Asia in the future.

Kirsty and kids

If you are a teacher and would like to find some great resources about teaching your students about Asia, check out the Asia Education Foundation’s website.

During my time in India in 2007 I kept a blog for the Centre for Youth Literature’s ‘Inside a Dog’ and wrote about the adventure of researching my novel India Dark:

Inside a Dog’s Archive of Kirsty’s India Blog. (The posts begin in late March 2007  so you may need to scroll onwards through the archive to see all the entries).

In 2012, I was a toured India as a member of the amazing Bookwallah Roving Writers Festival.

You can also find posts about my travels, reading and writing about Asia using the tags on my blog.