I love the cover of this summer’s Voiceworks magazine.

Possibly, I’m biased because my son, Elwyn Murray, is the designer. But there are layers of ideas in his cover design that intrigue me.

Elwyn looked after our house while the Professor and I were in India and the cover of the magazine features lots of tiny objects that he found in our kitchen and sunroom.

It took me a few moments of staring at the cover before I realised that the owl was a fridge magnet off our fridge, the fan was lying on the sideboard, the scissors were beside the kitchen sink, the farm animals were from the jar in our toybox.

Once I recognised one object, I started hunting for more. Then I realised that the design connected to the ‘I Spy’ books that Elwyn had loved when he was a kid. Elwyn’s work is layered and sophisticated and the interior of the magazine is just as intriguing as the exterior.

Voiceworks showcases the works of young writers and artists (under 25). If you are interested in getting a window into the lives and imaginations of up-and-coming young Australians then it deserves a slice of your time. The magazine is also a great launching pad for young creative minds.

Writing is a way of looking at the world and interpreting it with words. All art is a search for meaning, for truth and for understanding. Talented writers and artists don’t spring from a void but grow from a lifetime of interconnection with the world around them, not least the things they read, see and discover in their childhood.

Kirsty is an Australian author of books for children and young adults.

“Every adult was once a child and the child inside them never completely disappears.”

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