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Reading blogs, like any form of reading, can become addictive. Even though I’m an intermittent blogger myself, I start my writing day by checking on my Google Reader account and seeing who has been knocking up interesting posts.

One of my favourite blogs is Sharon Bakar’s incredibly erudite and book-obsessed Bibliobibuli. Bakar is a goddess of book blogs and the type of committed reader I most admire. She is omnivorous when it comes to books and reads across cultures, genres, time and space. She also must keep one ear continually to the ground – or the internet – as she links up with every interesting book happening in South Asia as well as fascinating book blogs from around the world.

Yesterday, she posted a blog that included a link to the Read while Waiting Project. I love the idea. It would be such an easy thing to pull of in Melbourne because the day the project is due to happen is bang in the middle of our Melbourne Writers’ Festival. August 23rd. I think I’ll be reading and waiting in Federation Square. Check it out and grab a book.

Kirsty is an Australian author of books for children and young adults.

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