Crowded Days

It’s not a good time to be writing a blog post. I have to be out the door in ten minutes, heading off to Lalor North for a day of talks and workshops but the days have been so crowded these last few weeks, I feel like it’s almost impossible to find a moment for blogging.

Last Thursday’s launch of India Dark went smoothly (photos to come) and then on Friday I spoke to about 120 Year 8 & 9 students who were a fabulous audience. Friday night was the closing night of the University High School production of the musical ‘Anything Goes’ which my husband, Ken Harper, produced and directed. When the show was over we went on to a very late-night performance of a funky Melbourne faux-Mexican band at a club in Brunswick. Saturday was a blur of errands and domestic frenzy, guests for dinner Saturday night followed by a family birthday brunch on Sunday morning to celebrate the youngest member of our family turning 20. (No more teenagers!).

Sunday afternoon I raced out to Eltham to interview Jessica Watson on stage in an ‘in conversation’ event hosted by Eltham Book shop. There was a huge crowd and I’d meant to write about the event but the days keep speeding along with bookshop visits, more school visits, too much socialising, stacks of emails backing up in the in-box, unopened mail all over the desk and too many things left undone. I went to my weekly yoga class last night and lying on the floor in the ‘semi-supine’ position it was a battle to make my thoughts be still. One of the problems with doing so much socialising and public speaking is that my brain fizzes with ideas for new stories, partly inspired by all the interacting with different characters, but by the time I get to the desk, I’m inevitably too tired to string the thoughts into sentences.

August is always a crazy month and it’s only going to get busier as Children’s Bookweek approaches and is followed by the Melbourne Writers Festival. It’s the season of scrambled note-taking around here. Hopefully some fresh new writing will sprout in the tiny cracks of time. (Always the optimist!)

Kirsty is an Australian author of books for children and young adults.

“Every adult was once a child and the child inside them never completely disappears.”

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