Words Go Round

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Singapore for the Words Go Round Festival. I’m excited at the prospect of meeting hundreds of Singaporean students during the week but I’m also a little sad to be leaving home. We’ve been back Melbourne for a month, most of which has been taken up with unpacking and getting the hang of living in a house once more. After a year on the road it’s been a big adjustment.

It’s raining in Melbourne. I’m sitting at my desk looking out at the garden, green and silver and damp. There are puddles on the path and the leaves of the plum tree are heavy with raindrops.
It’s just turned to Autumn and I can feel the change in everything. Including the change in me. After a year of adventure and working on short projects I’m looking forward to bunkering down in my office and getting my new novel seriously underway. As soon as the Words Go Round Festival is over I’ll be back to the desk to make words go around on the page.

Kirsty is an Australian author of books for children and young adults.

“Books are windows into other ways of being.”

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