Vulture’s Gate

Vulture's Wake (USA)


Young Adult Dystopia


Girls are extinct. Chaos Rules. Welcome to the future.

One Girl- Could she be the last girl alive?

One Boy – Kidnapped by ruthless men.

An action-packed adventure with a chilling social twist.

When Bo rescues Callum from death in the burning desert, she is forced to leave her underground home. In search of Callum’s fathers, they journey across a dangerous continent, escaping outstationers, street gangs and terrorists, but nothing can prepare them for the world that awaits in Vulture’s Gate.

Future worlds help us to understand the world we live in right now. The premise for Vulture’s Gate might seem futuristic but worldwide, here and now in the early 21st century, there are estimated to be up to 100 million ‘missing girls’ – girls who should have survived to adulthood. What would the future world look like if nature followed our lead and created a virus that made it impossible for baby girls to survive?


  • NSW Premier’s Literary Award – Shortlist for the Ether Turner Prize 2009
  • Victorian Premier’s Literary Award – Longlisted for YA Writing 2009

Reviews of Vulture’s Gate

  • "Vulture’s Gate is a wonderful mix of adventure and comedy, sort of Mad Max meets The Handmaid’s Tale with Terry Pratchett for adviser, while tackling some contemporary topics of which most young readers will be aware."
    Sally Harding - Magpies Magazine
  • “Vulture’s Gate is an intriguing exploration of a futuristic Australia where a bird virus has wiped out all those that possess the XX chromosomes. It’s an amazing concept that has been brilliantly explored by Kirsty Murray. A thought-provoking look at the nature of courage, friendship and the strength of our survival instinct. Highly recommended.”
    Adele Walsh - Persnickety Snark
  • "I absolutely loved it! I was intrigued after the very first page and remained so until the last word."
  • “Vulture’s Gate starts with a bang that will hook even the most reluctant reader... It’s clear from the first page that Murray has done her research and it’s paid off. This futuristic world is chillingly real. With all the suspenseful tension of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, and as thought-provoking as Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, Vulture’s Gate is set to become a firm favourite among speculative fiction fans everywhere.”
    Jenny Mounfield - Books Buzz

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