Tough Stuff Curriculum Support

Tough Stuff is a recommended text for middle school readers.  It is on every state’s Premier’s Reading Challenge List and is used in the Indigenous Literacy programs.

Tough Stuff is a particularly useful text for ESL students from upper primary through all levels of secondary. Every story is self-contained and of a length that allows the student to encompass the information in a modest amount of time. Each story has enough depth to be enjoyed by mature readers as well as younger students and the stories have applications in SOSE as well as English. The children featured in the stories are from countries around the world.

Tough Stuff is a recommended text for teaching Indigenous Perspectives in the Australian Curriculum (Ruby’ Hunter’s story).

The stories in Tough Stuff cover a range of themes and can introduce students to the study of human rights, world history and many issues such as the Holocaust (Survivors), the stolen generation (Ruby Hunter’s story) and child labour (Battlers).

Click the download  for an excellent set of teacher’s notes written by Eve Recht.

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