The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie Curriculum Support

The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie is an ideal class text (Years 5-8) for exploring the themes of family, magic, art and nature.

Teachers at Siena College in Camberwell, Melbourne, use this novel as a set text with their Year 7 students. Anna Apfelstedt and the English Department Year 7 Team provided materials to assist Allen & Unwin in producing a pdf of teachers’ notes.

To download a free set of the Allen & Unwin teachers’ notes, click the link beneath the book cover.


The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie in schools

Comments from teachers about The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie in the classroom:

  • The novel provides a strong basis for researching family history and interviewing relatives to tell their stories, a multimedia approach to this using film to interview older relatives would be great, followed by reflective writing on the life journey and the choices that have been made. Students could also explore the role of natural disasters and the impact they have on changing lives and people’s choices and how they view both past and present, this is supported by education kit which is published by the Australian Government -Attorney-General’s Department. This book would appeal to girls in an early high school setting.
    Jillian Richardson, AST Hellyer College
  • Girls in particular around 9-12 will no doubt adore this book .Teachers will find it useful to involve classes in lessons of history, natural disasters like bushfires and floods, family relationships, friendship and use of imagination. I can’t recommend this story highly enough.
    Dale Harcombe
  • From a teaching perspective, I think this book would make a very interesting story writing prompt. Art can take us to so many places and imaginations can fill in the back story. I wonder how many more amazing stories might be inspired by reading this book?
    Debbie Williams, Mountain District Christian School
  • This is a wonderful time slip story, where Lucy comes to realise that she has a real connection with her Aunt and the past. Her Aunt also discovers a connection with Lucy. It is a story of discovery and adventure with bushfires and floods and the coming war. I would recommend this book to all year 7 and year 8 readers and teachers.
    Jan O’Sullivan, Library Technician, Mooroolbark. VIC
  • A delightful story set in Australia. Themes of art and bushfires could be utilised, looking at the painters mentioned and the Second World War in New Guinea. Though it is a fantasy story, there is enough realism about life in the bush, especially for city slickers.
    Michael P Mardel, Educational Consultant, WA