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When the future looks dark, courageous kids bring light and hope into the world. Forty true stories celebrate kids who have protested, prayed, rebelled, saved lives, earned a fortune, lost everything, become world-famous, or fought to survive war and oppression. Fearless kids, feral kids, Olympic champions, human-rights crusaders, climate-change warriors, princes and prisoners, workers and whiz-kids – they all show the true courage of real kids.

From the distant past to the present moment, kids have made their mark on history; and now they’re set to change the world.


Kids Who Did is a totally revised, rewritten and updated version of my 1999 book, Tough Stuff: true stories about kids and courage.

Tough Stuff was a book I’d dreamt of writing all my life, and it was jam-packed full of stories about people who inspired me. Since then, some of the people whose stories were included in that collection have died. Others have continued to live amazing lives. When my publishers suggested I update the original stories for a new edition, I couldn’t resist adding new stories as well as revisiting the old ones. Inspiring kids are born every minute of every day.

These stories aren’t about being famous. They’re about kids who saved lives, came up with big ideas, survived terrible circumstances and believed they could make a difference. Not all of these stories have happy endings, and some of the children are still growing up so their futures are not yet written.

History is full of stories of kids who have done amazing things, but I chose the stories for this book because each of these children has shown incredible courage. The word ‘courage’ comes from the Latin word cor (heart). These kids faced some of the toughest challenges that any human being can confront, yet they stayed true to their heartfelt beliefs. Whether they lived or died, thrived or simply survived, the children in this book help us to understand the true meaning of courage.


Reviews of Kids Who Did

  • his book is written in an easy-to-read style with segues into each section written in bold font to introduce a new direction. Kirsty Murray's clear style will appeal to young readers. This will certainly be a book that I will be recommending to encourage the reading of the Biography genre.
    Highly recommended for ages 10+.
    Carolyn Hull - Read Plus

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