Too much and not enough

The problem with writing a blog post every day is not having nothing to write about, but simply deciding on what is THE thing that you should write. It’s a little like cooking dinner. You could make a pasta dish, you could do a stir-fry, or you could cheat and order in take-away. There are a lot of options.

Last night, I sat up late writing a letter to my Pigeon post partner, Fred, nutting out the beginning of the story we will write together in the course of the next six months. Fred wanted to write a story about US Marines on Iwo Jima which was a pretty big challenge.

At first, I thought I’d write a post about the process of working up a reply to Fred and the beginning of our story writing project, but by the time I’d finished his letter I realised I also really wanted to write about all the exciting new plans for launching my new novel, “India Dark”. But then there were so many things that had happened in the workshops over the course of the last few days I had a great idea for a blog post about the narratives that are out there in the ether that so many young writers are plugging into, and then there were the conversations at dinner at Deborah Lisson‘s house about grammar (yup, writers do talk about grammar for fun), or the very overdue blog post I’ve been meaning to write about the Americanisation of Vulture’s Gate/Wake, and the mind-boggling plans that Mr Punch and I have been cooking up for a mega adventure next year. Hyperactive or what.

So at the very end of a very long day, I opened up this blog to write a post and realised my brain was so jammed full of ideas and yet so short on sleep that I couldn’t decide which to write first. So I am now two blogs short of target for my month of daily blogging and no more clear about what today’s post should be about. But maybe, a post about being stuck with too many ideas is more than enough blogging for one day.

Apart from my idea overload problems for this blog, I currently have 28 ideas in various states of development and I can’t decide which one of them to dive into next. Deciding what to write blog posts about is a pretty small problem.

PS. Any suggestions/preferences for the next blog topic are most welcome…

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“Every adult was once a child and the child inside them never completely disappears.”

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