Home again, home again, jiggedy – freeze

I’m home again, back to the deep chill of a Melbourne winter. Though it was cold at night in WA, the days were gorgeous. High, balmy skies and mild, sunny afternoons. Sigh.

It’s a little sad to be writing about the weather when I’m finally back home and excited and a little gob-smacked by everything that changed while I was away. (A new laundry, two girls have moved out into the own homes, and so much furniture rearranged in our house that I’m a little bewildered and confused). But perhaps weather affects us more than we know. The only thing I felt like doing today was staying in my warm bed or hiding out in my cosy office. Perhaps it partly accounts for why so many authors are Melbourne based. There’s nothing you can do but write when the weather is so inclement.

Kirsty is an Australian author of books for children and young adults.

“Books are windows into other ways of being.”

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