Short and sweet

There’s probably a lot of Australian writers blogging about this little book at the moment. It’s ‘a collection of interesting short stories and other stuff from some surprising and intelligent people’ – including me.

The royalties from Short are to go to the very worthy Big Brothers Big Sisters, a charity that finds mentors for young people. I liked the connection and I like the collection. It’s got lots of fun and quirky bits and pieces between the covers and a very cute design. Very desirable on every front.

The story that I contributed is called ‘The Rat Swallower’ and is based on a true and fairly disgusting incident in a sideshow alley. But there are dozens of interesting bits and pieces from all sorts of writers. I especially liked Kate Constable’s ghost story, ‘The White Boat’ and the very bizarre adventures of ‘Pickle Man’ by Connor O’Brien. Keep an eye out for this collection. It’s worth buying, owning and reading.

Kirsty is an Australian author of books for children and young adults.

“Books are windows into other ways of being.”

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