Man-eaters and Bloodsuckers


Non-fiction – Children (10 and up)


Allen & Unwin – True Stories series

Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Who isn’t! But where does fairy tale end and the truth begin? Man-eaters and Blood-suckers has the answer. It is packed with gut-wrenching stories about everything that can bite, rip, squeeze, suck and maul, from the jungles of India to your own back yard. Get the lowdown on all the creepy crawlies that love to feast on you, inside and out. Discover how to stay alive in bear country, how to survive a big cat attack, how to keep clear of a shark’s jaws and find out who is eating who!


This title is currently out of print but is available in most public and school libraries. Copies can be purchased through second hand booksellers.


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